Derek Clements Croome

Reading University
United Kingdom

Derek Clements-Croome at Reading University has worked in the building design and contracting industry before entering university life. He has founded and directed courses including a BSc in building environmental engineering at Loughborough University in 1970 and an inter¬disciplinary Government funded MSc in Intelligent Buildings at Reading University in 1996.He has also worked in architecture and building engineering at the University of Bath (1978-1988) with Sir Ted Happold. He founded the CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group in 2006 and co-founded the CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group in 1992 and was commended by the CIB for linking the CIBSE IBG with his work as Coordinator for the W098 Commission on Intelligent and Responsive Buildings. He was Vice President for CIBSE in 2007—9 and holds their Bronze and Silver Medals. Derek has been a commissioner on air quality and also biodiversity for some Boroughs in London. He is a research project reviewer for Governments in New Zealand and Denmark. He was a member of the UK Green Building Council team who wrote the Report Health and Wellbeing in Homes ---July 2016 and the World Green Council Report on Health and Wellbeing in Offices 2014. He contributed to the BCO Report 2018 on Wellness Matters: the Guide to Specification 2019 and reports on Ventilation for COVID 19 in 2021 and also with PLP Architecture The Use of Wearables in the Office in 2021. He edits the INBI Journal and has edited and written chapters in the 3rd Edition of Creating the Productive Workplace Routledge 2018. His book Designing Buildings for People: Sustainable Liveable Architecture was published by Crowood Press in late 2020 and includes his work on assessing the impact on the environment on people’s health and wellbeing including the economic and sustainability implications. Increasingly there is a focus on our connection with Nature and with RZCM Architects and Putney High School won a gold medal at Chelsea Flower Show 2022 for the positive impact of biophilic classrooms on student learning. Currently working on the 3rd edition of the book Intelligent Buildings being published by the ICE- Emerald in the Autumn of 2024.