Farhana Madhani

Brock University

Dr. Madhani is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Brock University, where her passion lies in advancing research, teaching, and clinical practice. Her research interests revolve around mental health, with a particular focus on women's mental health, individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, survivors of domestic violence, and healthy aging and dementia prevention. Dr. Madhani’s preferred research methodology is a qualitative approach, with an interest in storytelling and photovoice studies as powerful tools for amplifying marginalized voices and advocating for social change. Dr. Madhani is committed to enhancing the clinical practice of nursing students. She is passionate about creating enriching experiences for students during their clinical rotations and ensuring that clinical instructors have the support and resources needed to facilitate learning effectively. Dr. Madhani believes in the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in nursing education and is actively engaged in discussions and initiatives aimed at improving teaching practices to better meet the needs of students and instructors from diverse backgrounds.